Tuesday, October 7, 2008 - & Cupckaes

Another great episode of 90210, followed by Privledged! Better be watching it!!

So tonight, the cupcakes.... Snickers and Almond Joys... PERFECT! Except I discovered I need to buy a new camera... The picture just don't do them justice... Sad I know!

I think I've perfected the chocolate cupcake. The Snickers Cupcakes were amazing... I used a Chocolate cupcake, put a mini size snickers in the middle, topped it with hazelnut buttercream, home made caramel and a piece of another snickers... Oh yeah, good stuff...

The Almond Joy was just as great! Chocolate Cupcake with a piece of an Almond Joy fun size and topped with coconut shavings!

Ahh... I love it! I'm bringing them to work tomorrow and I'm planning on having my co-workers eat them all up... So that I wont!!

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