Thursday, October 30, 2008

Contest Alert - Shake Yo' Pom Pom!!

pomegranete by blindguardian420.

Get your Pomegranates ready... I honestly can't remember the last time I had a Pomegranate so this will be lovely... and the prizes just up the ante!

Via No One Puts Cupcake In a Corner

"POM Wonderful is sponsoring a bloggers recipe contest using fresh Pomegranates and other POM Wonderful products. The contest runs from now through the end of November and offers an ultimate prize of $5K and a roll as featured blogger on the POM Wonderful site for one year. Think you got a pomacuppy in ya - they've had their eye on the IronCupcake Challenge, so if you enter, be sure you tell them who you are. Visit the contest site or check out the rules for more information. I know I am!
SPECIAL OFFER: To get a coupon for a free POM Wonderful product; in the comment section below, tell me the most creative way you would open a Pomegranate if you didn't have a knife..."

Photo Credit: blindguarding420's Flickr

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