Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed

IT CAME TODAY!!!!!!! YAY!!!! The Kitchen Aid Mix has arrived! Not a minute too soon either. My hands were starting to disown me after my constant use of the hand mixer. I think I developed a minor case of carpal tunnel in the process. Anyways, it’s here, and it’s my gorgeous new baby. Truth be told, I bought it in Ebay… and therefore got a deal! I didn’t know it would be the new Susan B Komen edition with the pink stripe on it, but that makes me love it even more. Not to mention I did my part and donated $40 dollars to help the Fight Against Breast Cancer, just by purchasing it! Pretty successful transaction if you ask me!

I couldn’t wait to open it, so I did, and I went right to work. Little known fact (at least it was to me) wash the bowl before the first use. I made the most amazing buttercream, which I was virtually incapable of with the hand mixer, but since I didn’t wash the bowl (I was too excited, come on now) I got a dusting of metal in the frosting. I made my dad, and Matt taste it, and then I threw the rest out to avoid making someone sick with metal! It was perfect texture, perfect taste and well great…

So now I need to make a cupcake, with my new machine, and see if they come out as amazing as the buttercream. I’ll keep you posted.

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