Thursday, October 16, 2008


Oh how I LOVE LOVE new cupcake flavors. I think there's a chubby kid inside me that longs for news that my local cupcake place has created a new flavor. I'm bringing new meaning to "a kid in a candyshop" with my cupcake obsession. Moving right along... I've found two new cupcakes to please your palettes... One in my own backyard, Portland OR, and another far far away in Coral Gable, FL.

First, I present "The Malt Ball"

Here's the blurb from St. Cupcakes website:

"let’s hear it for the malt ball, our newest cupcake flavor! jami and rachel lovingly invented a malted chocolate buttercream to top our rich fudgy chocolate cake with malted milk balls baked right in. oh yeah. and then, as if THAT weren’t malty and bally enough, they crushed a ton more malted milk balls and landscaped the top with melt in your mouth boulders. come by and get yours today! or friday! malt ball is the latest addition to our wednesday & friday menus.
malt balls!
(and let’s give it up for lemon berry. thanks for all your sweet tartiness this summer. see you next year.)
ps! we dedicate our new balls to clay aiken. way to go, clay!"

And secondly, I present "Cafe Mocha"

chocolate fudge

Cupcakes Nouveau says:

"We’re happy to introduce a new cupcake flavor, Cafe Mocha. Cafe Mocha is a Vanilla Espresso cupcake with a Cafe Mocha Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting. Mmmmm…very yummy!"

Photo Credit: Cupcakes Nouveau

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