Monday, October 27, 2008

The Next Iron Cupcake...

cranberry sauce by thegistofit_dot_org.

Photo Credit: thegistofit dot org's flickr

So unfortunately, I couldn’t participate in Iron Cupcake-Cheese… Work, School, my dad… LIFE…Big grr with how busy I've been! But trust me I’ll be more than ready for this Cranberry Challenge announced last night.

I’ve already started my search for ideas, and the perfect recipe for cranberry cupcakes. There are so many ideas, and ways of presenting, my mind is just running crazy!!!!! Oh, and I can’t wait for Thanksgiving, and this just reminds me how close we are to celebrating… Mmm Turkey, and potatoes… The inner chubby kid is coming out…

Here are some Turkey Day inspired Cupcakes!!

Happy Thanksgiving by twinsline7.

Photo Credit: twinsline7's flickr

Preschool feast treats by mommawants1more.

Photo Credit: mommawants1more's flickr

DSC02427 by Faded Photograph.

Photo Credit: Faded Photograph's flickr

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