Monday, October 13, 2008

What is the world coming to!?

Anti-W Cupcake by paulmcaleer.

BANNED CUPCAKES IN SCHOOL!? Now I’m completely for the health of children and adults a like, but being banned from bringing a certain kind of food to school is pushing the limit.

This Neenah School District in Neenah Wisconsion has decided to ban cupcakes and all sweet treats. Students are no longer allowed to bring these items for special occasions such as birthdays because they feel that it’s not the cupcake that is important, it’s the special day.

My opinion: THE CUPCAKE MAKES THE DAY SPECIAL! It’s not everyday that a kid gets to eat a cupcake, or have a sweet treat. If you ask me, it should be the parents decision and not the school boards. Parents are responsible enough to make the appropriate decision for their kids, and their health. Fruits, vegetables, and healthy food are great for an everyday basis, but a child deserves to have a cupcake, and to share with classmates on special occasions like a birthday!!

I’m heated… To read the article click here & here

Photo Credit: Paul Mcaleer

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