Monday, November 3, 2008

Let's Switch this up a bit...

Cupcake time by pigsartshop.

Now... I love me some cupcakes... but to be honest I just love baking in General...

So going with my heart and stomach:

I'm going to being adding more cupcake pictures but expect to see a lot more baked items too... Cupcakin is going all out Bakin! I'll also cut down on the "news" and add more recipes, how to, and video!

I don't so much like talking about the cupcakes in the news, but more enjoy eating them, looking at them and making them! If you want news you'll have to keep up with Cupcakes Take the Cake... They are pretty awesome with keeping you updated!

Sooo... Out with the Old, In the with new!


Photo Credit: Pigsartshop's Flickr

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