Friday, November 7, 2008

Megan Hearts Baking

Recently, I was contacted by two aspiring authors who have written a book for young girls ages (5-9). I was lucky enough to be asked to review their book titled "Megan Hearts Baking". The book has a good message and a lot of heart, something I believe young girls need, especially at that age. In the book, Megan is invited to her best friend's birthday party. The invitation requires that the young girls bring their favorite dessert. Megan quickly thinks of cupcakes, but goes back to a memory in which she ruined a batch of cupcakes for her dad's birthday. She seeks help from her mother, and together they baked a new batch of cupcakes for the birthday party.

The book has several empowering messages, the most prominent is to never give up on something you love. I recommend it for all young girls, and even women my age can benefit from the heartfelt trials and tribulations Megan goes through.
The book is expected to be out November 30th.
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Snooky doodle said...

this looks really a sweet book. I would have enjoyed reading it when i was young :-)
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