Wednesday, November 26, 2008


pilgrim cupcake by two parts sugar.

So, for tomorrow I thought about dressing up as a Pilgrim. Wear my little suspenders, and those puffy pants, and a top hat. I'm much more into the boy Pilgrim style than the girls with the dresses and bonnets (people STILL wear that stuff, so I don't find it unique). Well my dad caught wind of my little plan, so I won't be dressed as a Pilgrim this year. It's too bad, because I was set to wear the outfit to the gym, church, and linner (lunch/dinner). Bailey was going to be the Indian too... BUT instead, I'll be wearing Jeans and UGGS. I'm pulling out the UGGS to spite my dad who thinks it stands for UGLY. I think it's his jealousy that he can't pull of a cute pair of shoes like a girl can, even if he's a "fashionisto".

My little blurb based on this one Cupcake. Not only is it cute, but it's inspiration for my stupid ideas! I wish I knew the flavor... it looks delightful!

Photo Credit: two parts sugar's flickr

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