Thursday, November 6, 2008

Seriously... 31 Pounds... This can't be real!

Georgetown Cupcake by spakattacks.

Via Serious Eats

"After eight weeks, a team of four brave Washington Post souls completed a little thing called Cupcake Wars, where week-by-week they sampled any cupcake they could get their paws on inside the Beltway. The winner: the chocolate ganache cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake, a spot that's only nine months old but already sells cupcakes to cultish proportions (4,000 on Saturdays)."

During all of this the team at 31 pounds worth of Cupcakes... Can you imagine that? All I can imagine is the treadmill and how many miles I'd be running to burn that off... Just thinking about eating that much makes me feel like I should head to the gym! Shameless Plug: Use the Nike+ system when you work out... It's amazing and it's helped me get my butt moving again!

Photo Credit: spakattacks' flickr

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