Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Small Wiki Moment...

Question: What does cupcakin mean Like when a girl says you were hella cupcakin wit him?

Answer: Flirting, being all sweet wth talkin long time wit.

After reading this small little "Wiki Answers" blurb I considered seriously about changing the name of my blog. Who ever wrote this obviously must not be an English major based on the missing H, in the word with... Secondly, never once have I heard cupcakin used in any type of phrase like this... WHO TALKS LIKE THAT??

My main motivation for the name is: all out laziness. Instead of texting people back with "I am sitting in my Kitchen baking Cupcakes" when they asked what I was doing, I'd simply put "Cupcakin". It's a noun, and it's my own word, and if it gets submitted to Websters I want credit!!! At least mine is logical...

Please people, use spell check, and don't go back to 1995 and use the word wit, or hella for that matter!

Enough with my rant. I'm going to go start my own Wiki page now. So, take that!

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Emily said...

You go girl!

Can I say that? I'm not Oprah, so I don't feel like I can say that.