Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Twilight by Catarina/Messi.

Photo Credit: Catarina/Messi's Flickr

Seriously, this book series/movie is a phenomenon. I have to admit, I love the books. I'm on the last of the series, and it's amazing! I've never been more excited to get home and read than I am these days. The story, the romance, the high school type dramatics all play a perfect part in this. With my obsession with it, I figured more fans would be out there making Cupcakes in honor of the movie. Sure enough, I've found some great ones... Check them out! AND READ THE BOOKS IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!

Twilight Cupcakes by dnsvm.

Photo Credit: dnsvm's flickr

Breaking Dawn Midnight Release Party 002 by magicalobizuth.

Photo Credit: magicalobizuth's flickr

Bleeding Cupcakes at the Aiken County Public Library by abbelibrary.

Photo Credit: abbelibrary's Flickr

Cupcakes+Twilight=HEAVEN!!!!!! by Twilight Cullen Lover.

Photo Credit: Twilight Cullen Lover's Flickr

P.S I'm all for TEAM EDWARD


Adam said...

I was watching the news today, and a whole bunch of people were going crazy (mostly teenage girls) over this movie. It's like the Beatles or something, but with Vampires :) Maybe I'll take up the reading, thanks for the heads up.

And do you make those cupcakes on this page. You have quite the artistic skills.

Ms Ashley said...

You're welcome for the heads up... The girls are going crazy for this movie!

I make some of the cupcakes, but right now I have a camera from the stone age, so for now I can't fully show off how creative I am...

So I share other peoples work a lot!

Thanks for reading!