Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Suri Cruise - And another Cupcake

Suri Cruise takes to the sidwalks of Manhattan like a native New Yorker.

Why couldn't my parents be this cool... I would get cupcakes on my birthday and that was it! They had this belief that cupcakes make a kid a hyper... Which maybe in my case was true. Or maybe I had A.D.D... Who knows. I do remember one particular Slurpee that had me bouncing off the walls. My mommy let me get it, only because she was leaving and my daddy had to take over for the night. I'm pretty sure she was mad at him... That's good revenege, I shall try that one day with my own kids.

Moving on. Suri Cruise. CUTE and a Cupcake lover. Along with her Juicy Couture Dress and little Mary Janes, the girl has style and taste. This little girl is going to be the talk of town for years to come, and she only helps to make little cupcakes way more popular!

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

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