Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An old favorite never really gets old

Vanilla Riot by crystalb.

It’s always great to see new cupcake shops around. Every shop has its own persona, and its own blend of Cupcakes. House of Cupcakes is one of those unique cupcake shops which opened its doors in August of this year. According to the owner the Cupcake bakery was an instant hit. With over 50 different flavors it’s impossible not to find something you like!

Unfortunately for me, the shop is located near Princeton University, which is across the country from me. If you’re in the area, try House of Cupcakes, and let me know how marvelous is truly is! From all the photos I’ve seen the cupcake’s look amazing and I’m seriously going to be jealous of you if you tell me that I’m missing out and need to fly there just to get one.

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Photo Credit: crystalb's flickr

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