Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baking... to make a difference

Two University of Maine students, Andrew Loring and Justin Averill woke up early Monday morning to share their homemade baked goods with classmates and teachers. Items are free but they are asking for a small donation and you get one of these "man made" pastries. The article questions: "men don't bake, they grill right?"... These students have broken that mold for a good cause. The bake sale is to draw attention to domestic violence issues, as October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Various varsity sports teams, including the university's track and field team participated in this event. Donations are going to a yet to be determined local charity which supports Domestic Violence Awareness.

All I have to say, is way to go! Not only did these students break the mold when it comes to baking, but they are participating in a great cause!

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