Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Saint Cupcake - "gets electiony"

IMG_0242 by cccjosh.

I have some free cupcake news... For those of you on the West Coast side of the world, like myself... We have Saint Cupcake (well we have others, but this is a fav). Saint Cupcake has decided to "get electiony" in their words. So, what that means is that if you visit either Saint Cupcake location on Tuesday November 4th all the cupcakes will feature political sprinkles! Followed by Wednesday November 5th (drumroll please) you get a free cupcake with a purchase of 11, either regular or full size!! Wooo!! Have a celebration party, or a mourning party... Depends on who you vote for... and consider this Saint Cupcakes "economic stimulus package". Again, I can't take credit for that creativity..

Photo Credit" cccjosh's flickr


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