Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Mmmmm chocolate heart sprinkles by Angeli's Art Beads.

Being a girl, I was obviously raised on all things cute. Hearts are number 1 on my all time cuteness list. Anything with hearts will drag me right in, and i'll buy it, or eat, or do whatever it tells me too! So, I obviously took to this picture of a cupcake with heart sprinkles!!! Who wouldn't. It's cute and it looks amazing... I can't decide if it's edible or not, it looks too perfect!

On a side note, pertaining to hearts, I once painted my room hot pink (I'm talking BRIGHT pink), and then lined it with light pink (think pepto-bismol) hearts. I thought I was the coolest kid in the apartment... Too bad I wasn't a kid, I was 18, and my best friend thought I needed to tone it down a bit because it was a bit gawdy. Ha, what does she know! (I still love you Steph, and I will be burning that movie for you this evening)

Photo Credit: Angeli's Art Beads' Flickr

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Kaitlin said...

those are adorable, love the hearts <3